Iain Griesdale
Student, Programmer, Web Developer
About me
My name is Iain Griesdale, I'm currently a student in high school and I've been programming, creating websites, and developing games for many years now.

Capture the flag

A simple, 3D world full of different places, worlds and landscapes to explore.

2019 - Current


A project that I currently have on hold but started in 2019. I hope to continue working on this in the near future and have a finished product in the next few years.

My Experience

Under the GUI

I've been a student at Under the GUI Academy for the last 4 to 5 years, I started at the age of 10 and have been working my way through the courses ever since. I've done the Unity Game Engine, Javascript, and computer science courses and am going to graduate from the academy very soon. Under the GUI along with semester courses also does summer camps which I teach/volunteer at.
Under the GUI

Quattro Stone

In Spring of 2020 I got a job working at Quattro Stone, a stone, tile, and bathroom company located in BC, Canada. I work as a web developer to help bring the company and all their products online and to progress the online marketplace.
Quattro Stone

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